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What Makes Dental Implants Better Than Dentures?


Statistics from the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons show that nearly 70% of adults aged 35 to 44 years old have at least one missing tooth due to an accident, tooth decay, or gum disease. If you fall into this category, the idea of dentures may have crossed your mind. Viewed for decades [...]

What Makes Dental Implants Better Than Dentures?2018-09-10T20:23:20+00:00

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?


Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to erupt within the mouth. When they are naturally aligned and the gum tissue is healthy, wisdom teeth do not have to be removed. Unfortunately, this is not generally the case. Dentists and oral surgeons decide to remove wisdom teeth for many reasons, mostly due to the [...]

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?2018-09-10T20:07:18+00:00

6 Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth


Often the last of the adult teeth to appear, wisdom teeth typically emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. By then, your mouth has already settled into its shape, leaving wisdom teeth with little room to work. Because of this, the growing teeth have a high potential to become impacted wisdom teeth and must [...]

6 Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth2018-08-30T19:23:16+00:00

3 Things You Need to Know Before Oral Surgery


Responsible for allowing food and air to enter your body, the mouth is a very complex oral cavity that is made up of teeth, salivary glands and the tongue. As an essential role in breaking down food and articulating speech, your mouth plays a huge role in everyday functions and is important to administer the [...]

3 Things You Need to Know Before Oral Surgery2018-08-27T12:47:34+00:00

4 Reasons Why Dental Implants are Better than Crowns


Repairing or replacing a tooth can often seem like a daunting experience for a patient. Many times you can be left with the choice of replacing a damaged tooth with a dental crown or simply replacing it with a dental implant. While tooth crowning is a viable option for some, the benefits of tooth implants [...]

4 Reasons Why Dental Implants are Better than Crowns2018-06-29T12:32:05+00:00

The 5 Best Remedies to Relieve Wisdom Teeth Swelling and Pain


If your wisdom teeth are coming in, they’re most likely going to be accompanied by significant pain and swelling. There are a few remedies that can help provide wisdom teeth pain relief until you are finally able to have them removed. First, it is important to make sure your wisdom teeth are definitely coming in [...]

The 5 Best Remedies to Relieve Wisdom Teeth Swelling and Pain2018-08-27T12:49:37+00:00

How to Decide if Dental Implants Are Right for You


Choosing Dental Implants The decision to get dental implants is one that should be carefully considered. Dental implants are an excellent choice for many people who are unhappy with their teeth and are looking to achieve a permanent fix with an alternative to dentures. To determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants, [...]

How to Decide if Dental Implants Are Right for You2018-08-27T12:51:15+00:00

What Are the Differences Between Botox and Juvederm?


Gain a Better Understanding of Botox and Juvederm     Aging, an increased exposure to sunlight and other factors can contribute to wrinkles, creases and frown lines on a person’s face. Fortunately, there are FDA-approved fillers that can be applied by a physician, which act as effective treatments that enhance the appearance of a woman or [...]

What Are the Differences Between Botox and Juvederm?2018-05-14T16:26:23+00:00

How to Tell If You Have Sleep Apnea


Understanding and Diagnosing Sleep Apnea Sleep disorders can decrease a person’s chances when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, putting men and women’s quality of life at risk. Some sleep disorders are hereditary, while others are brought on by lifestyle choices and outside factors. Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that can [...]

How to Tell If You Have Sleep Apnea2018-08-27T12:58:37+00:00

7 Myths About Dental Implants


  Dental implants are considered the golden standard artificial tooth replacement, however they’re not exempt from common misinterpretations. The following will describe and debunk seven myths regarding the most misunderstood facts about dental implants. 1. You Can Live Normally With a Missing Tooth A single missing tooth can alter the structure and function of the [...]

7 Myths About Dental Implants2018-05-10T20:46:53+00:00